Top Water Yellowtail Kingfish Fever – By The Gills Coffs Harbour NSW

23 Nov 2015

Top water yellowtail kingfish fever has taken over the fishing fraternity of both local and visiting anglers of Coffs Harbour NSW!!!

Think it’s odd that people have been getting around town with longer arms than usual??? Well it is, though it can be attributed to the numbers of medium, large and extra large yellowtail kingfish that have been haunting the waters around the Solitary Islands group off the coast of Coffs Harbour NSW.


Those that have done battle with a yellowtail king of any size will understand why these long armed fisho’s are around. These brutes of fish pull as hard as anything that swims, putting the angler and their equipment to the ultimate test. Hooked and Hunted recent (hookednhunted) video post on Instagram demonstrated the raw power of these fish… Top quality gear, a power stance, a proper dig and still got obliterated… But that’s ‘kingy fishing’.



The Solitary Islands have been holding some decent numbers of the mighty Yellowtail over recent months. Your usual techniques have been successful (such as live baiting and jigging) though more recently a larger number of the top water brigade have been launching poppers and stickbaits in hope that an XL YTK will inhale their presentation off the surface. The anticipation of the strike is excitement enough, but when it all happens and your white knuckle knees buried in the gunwale…. well there’s not many feelings like it! Feared excitement!!!


Perhaps the increase in the number of top water warriors has increased off the back of the likes of Michael & Hayley Bonnici, The Official Splasher (Instagram) and Andrew Talbot paving the way with professional attention being paid to their equipment and the lures they’re presenting to these fish. Either way the action has been scintillating!


Go grab a 7ft to 9ft stick (Samaki Vanquish won’t break the bank) and an 8000 to 20000 size spin reel, 50lb to 100lb braid, a fist full of stick baits and poppers, a full head of FROTH and get your stretch on! YEWWWWWWWW!!!


Oh, don’t forget to upgrade you hooks and split rings, sadly most of the factory fitted terminals will not withstand the punishment.



Sam Gilchrist

By The Gills.

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