Johnny Chow

Nickname: Mr Chow

Place of Birth: Malaysia in 1984

Favourite Sporting Team: Brisbane Broncos

Favourite Species and Method: Chasing pelagic (Tuna, Spanish, Wahoo, Dollies and GTs) of any sort would have to be my fave on top water.

About: My earliest memories of fishing were as a kid. We would have family days down the coast, Mum and Dad would drop me at the local jetties or bridges and I would spend hours fishing for bream, whiting and flathead and would froth if I landed anything. Got hooked on fishing and since then have progressed in my knowledge and techniques. Now I really enjoy seeing others land their first fish or a PB. I find being on the water therapeutic and never get sick of hearing that reel scream!! Being on the water is a privilege and catching fish is just a bonus.

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By the Gills is a fishing apparel supplier established in 2015.  We supply anglers with practical fishing attire along with stylish street wear, with a key emphasis on quality.

Designed by fisho’s for fisho’s the company strives to provide impeccable service and prompt delivery.

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Cooper Lau

Name: Cooper "Coop" Lau. Born: 26 July 1990. Sporting Team: QLD Reds. Favourite Species: The Giant Trevally.   Blurb; Just a genuine frother of the ocean, Whether it is getting up at crazy hours of the morning to travel miles on...

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