Cooper Lau

Name: Cooper “Coop” Lau.

Born: 26 July 1990.

Sporting Team: QLD Reds.

Favourite Species: The Giant Trevally.



Just a genuine frother of the ocean,
Whether it is getting up at crazy hours of the morning to travel miles on the water just to be fishing at a spot as the sun is rising or getting in the car and driving up and down the sunshine coast hunting for that uncrowded wave.
Always looking and planing for that next adventure to find the biggest GT and ticking of new species on the way.


Fisherman… Always Was… Always Will Be!

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Shaun Cameron

Name: Shaun "NEB" Cameron. Born: Coffs Harbour NSW 1999. NRL Team: Gold Coast Titans. Favourite Species: Pagrus Auratus - Snapper & Muddies aka Mud Crabs. Blurb; Hi, Shaun Cameron here. I'm a frother on all things oceanic and photography. There's...

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