Maria Loaded Stickbaits – We Feature The 180 Floating

27 Apr 2016

Fishing Gear – By The Gills run the Maria Loaded 180 Floating Stickbaits


The epic Maria Loaded colour range YEWWWW!!!

Price 4/5 Quality of Build 3.5/5 Action 5/5 Ease of Use 4.5/5

Price: Retailing for about $40 bones these stickies are not cheap as far as fishing gear goes but they far from the most expensive (some retail for over $100). These lures do not come with hooks or split rings… personally I’d rather purchase a lure without splitties and hooks, than one with inadequate terminals that need to be removed and replaced.

You will have to grab some quality hooks and rings that on average will set you back $10 a lure. We use the BLEU Gen Treble Hooks CT-80 (6x) #4/0 and 300lb stainless split rings.

Some quality multi strand wire, crimps and some solid stainless rings will complete the spend… Feels like a small fortune per lure, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Quality of Build: Constructed from injection  molded plastic and wired right through the body these lures are pretty tough… Though we have had one lure take on water after landing a dozen or so Spaniards, the severity of the Spaniards teeth eventually rendering the lure useless as a top water bait.


Fishing Gear – The Maria Loaded 180 Floating in action!

Action: The ‘walk the dog’ style action imitates a wounded, fleeing bait fish almost perfectly, the sweeping action (see below) imparted on the road either sends the sticky a few centimeters below the surface in a side-to-side motion or skirting across the top also in that side-to-side motion… Either of these actions will trigger very aggressive surface strikes from Spaniards, Yellowtail Kings, Cobia, Spotties, Snapper and a range of other species.

Ease of Use: Cast and retrieve… It really is that simple! Though mix up your retrieve to impart different actions on the lure as the fish may prefer a different action each day. For example you can hold your rod tip high a speed burn the lure across the top resembling a large gar fleeing attack, you can impart short punchy jabs through the rod to resemble an erratic wounded bait fish or you can impart a long sweep style action on the rod to resemble a bait fish zipping through the water, pausing, then zipping off again.

We have put in some hours on the top this year chasing Spanno’s and Kings with results that have blown our minds… We recommend you get out there and give stickies a crack YEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

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