Covering All Bases – Spanish Mackerel

15 Mar 2016

Fishing Apparel – By The Gills Covering All Depths While Targeting Mackerel

On a recent trip to an area that Reecey and I (testing the By The Gills Fishing Apparel) rarely fish we thought we’d give ourselves the best chance of hearing our ratchets howl by covering the entire water column with Spanish Mackerel lollies… When all else fails you cannnnn always sing to em too hahaha!

In about 25m of water we had a live slimey mackerel on the downrigger which was set to approximately 12-13m, another live bait running just below the surface and a floating Maria Loaded 180 obviously covering the top.

All three of the methods/depths were effective! We were sounding the fish off the bottom to about 20m, though they were keen to travel upwards to slice up a feed.

Reecey was extremely unlucky with his fish (back end of the vid)

Fishing Apparel

One of our better Spanno’s this season YEWWWW!!!

his bait swam down a little whilst we were attempting to snap some shots of the sticky muncher when a very solid Spaniard swallowed his bait… The fish was roaring West when it bit through his 59lb single strand… SPEWWWWW!!!

Mix up your depths and your methods frothers and get among st em YEWWWWWWW!!!

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By the Gills is a fishing apparel supplier established in 2015.  We supply anglers with practical fishing attire along with stylish street wear, with a key emphasis on quality.

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