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08 Nov 2016

Fishing is a healthy Sport for All – Especially the Groms!

The First Australian Bass... An Obsession is Born!

The First Australian Bass… An Obsession is Born!

The modern world we live in is alive with advancements in technology, instant gratification and the age if the social media via high speed internet. Mental health issues, cyber bullying and tragically suicide rates have increased astronomically with our so called movement into the age of sophistication.

Though with the progression of modern society has come the vast progression in our once mostly casual passtime to now sport. Gone are the days of smelly two strokes, classic overheads (such as the good old Seascape), landmarks for offshore positioning and a lead weight on the vb cord for a depth ‘reader’.

A Shoulder Slapping Whiting... Not Bad at 4yrs Young!

A Shoulder Slapping Whiting… Not Bad at 4yrs Young!

Sophisticated electronics partnered with high modulus graphite blanks, a new generation of spin reels, super braids and lures have provided the species we target with even less chance of escape…

Though among all of the progression there’s still a fundamental facet of  our sport that is refreshing, relaxing and good for the soul, that is the re-connection to the sea or the country, the escape from the rat race, the noise and the pressures into an almost primal pass time of hunt & gather…

The evolution of our sport has brought with it the movement of the next generation, the #micronewbreed (CAST Emag reference) into the limelight and with that comes one of the most rewarding achievements you could ever hope to experience and that is the passing of your fishing knowledge onto the next generation of frother.

A Baby Flatty... Max Stoke!

A Baby Flatty… Max Stoke!

As custodians of the knowledge passed on from our grandfathers, to our fathers and on to us it’s now our responsibility to lead the micronewbreed into the future, full of respect for the sport and the environment in which we perform our craft…

Brimz For Days.

Brimz For Days.

From casting, to where a fish might be, to pumping yabbies (pink nippers), to rigging, to correctly handling a fish, to the humane dispatch of a fish for the dinner plate the experience and journey is unbelievable! If you get a chance get out there and share the stoke with the younger generation, they’ll learn that not all food items come from woolies and we’ll learn a fresh perspective on angling… That is another level of patience haha!

Fisho’s know the feeling!


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