Finally – The 15.5kg Yellowtail Kingfish on SP Gear Clip Goes Live.

24 Dec 2015

Yellowtail Kingfish on Soft Plastic Gear – By The Gills – 89cm Snapper


Captain Black Beard Snapper Slayer teamed with the Shimano Stella SW5000HG

Finally… After some mind bending trial and error the basic task of entering a non GoPro photograph into a GoPro edit has been mastered… Yewwwww!

The clip below is a summation of what was an EPIC battle with a fish that tames many and gear that when bought was never expected to face a challenge like this one.

We’d always known how brilliant the Shimano Stella series were but having recently landed a few trophy snapper (best 95cm) on the CBB Snapper Slayer I thought it was a mighty capable little rod… Turns out I had no idea how capable it really was. Yeah I reckon there was a little bit of luck involved, the initial run from this king was blistering and probably about 100m in distance, but the performance of that little Snapper Slayer cannot be underestimated… When called upon it went toe to toe with one of the oceans tops fighters and it came out on top YEWWWW!!!


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