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A fisherman knows the feeling… A fisho understands the effort required to consistently target a species with confidence. A fisho knows that the hardest spots to get to often fish the best, that the tide change or barometric pressure may trigger a feed, that the right cast could produce the strike and that your gear must be finely tuned and those knots triple checked to give yourself the best chance at the fish of a lifetime…

The First Australian Bass... An Obsession is Born!

The First Australian Bass… An Obsession is Born!

Here at By the Gills fishing we’ve developed an apparel brand built on froth for fishing! And we want to share that with you… Our sport is one of a kind and if we’re able to help you enjoy wetting a line a little more then we’re stoked!

We’re constantly striving to provide anglers and other outdoor sport enthusiasts with stylish fishing apparel that not only looks great but is built to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Fishing to us is more than a hobby or even a passion… It’s an obsession! We think like fish… We live, breath and sweat on throwing plastics at proper reds, launching stickbait’s at toothy critters and mega kings, hard bodying ridiculous headland gutters for mulloway and pumping a few nippers down at the creek with the kids.

Face of the business Reece Jesus Cameron the Cray Man!

Face of the business Reece Jesus Cameron the Cray Man!

We welcome you aboard the By The Gills family, we hope you enjoy our journey as much as we enjoy bringing it to you…


Established in 2015 out of Coffs Harbour NSW (Australia).

About by the gills

By the Gills is a fishing apparel supplier established in 2015.  We supply anglers with practical fishing attire along with stylish street wear, with a key emphasis on quality.

Designed by fisho’s for fisho’s the company strives to provide impeccable service and prompt delivery.

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Cooper Lau

Name: Cooper "Coop" Lau. Born: 26 July 1990. Sporting Team: QLD Reds. Favourite Species: The Giant Trevally.   Blurb; Just a genuine frother of the ocean, Whether it is getting up at crazy hours of the morning to travel miles on...

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