Shaun Cameron

Name: Shaun “NEB” Cameron.

Born: Coffs Harbour NSW 1999.

NRL Team: Gold Coast Titans.

Favourite Species: Pagrus Auratus – Snapper & Muddies aka Mud Crabs.


Hi, Shaun Cameron here. I’m a frother on all things oceanic and photography.

There’s something special about that whip of your line off the surface when a big red grabs your plastic in super shallow country… The fight is always tough and memorable! If you’re lucky enough to land one for a few pics prior to release you understand the feeling… There isn’t much better! Except perhaps grabbing muddies bare handed in the dark… There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain there.

I began my fishing journey in hunting bream and bass in the local creeks on poppers with my old man… we made the transition to the offshore scene when I was 5 years old.

I love fishing! It doesn’t matter bait fish, small bream or flatties a fish is a fish and I am happy doing it.

My father is one of six boys… He was taught to fish by his father and he is passing on his knowledge to me and I in-turn pass that onto other groms.

Fisherman… Always Was… Always Will Be!

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Sam Gilchrist

Name: Sam 'Poppy' Gilchrist. Born: Singleton NSW 1983. NRL Team: Newcastle Knights. Favourite Species: Pagrus Auratus - Snapper. Blurb; A lover of all things ocean.  Whether it be wetting a line, holding my breath diving or paddling into a few waves the sea is my passion! Along...

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