Snapper Season & Soft Plastics – By The Gills

05 May 2017

Snapper Season & Soft Plastics – By The Gills

3 Outfits That Cover All Bases

With the air and water temperatures on the decline Australian anglers start to see pink… With Snapper on the brain we though it to be an opportune time to run through the gear that we use while targeting this iconic and much loved species…

Outfit 1: The Daiwa Certate 4000 combined with a Live Fibre Venom 7ft 5-7kg spin stick.

We run 15lb braid and 20lb fluorocarbon leader on this outfit. It’s as light as we dare go and works really well when the fishing is tough or if you’re in 40m plus of water as the lighter lines reduce drag and allow you to present your plastic better at depth… It takes a bit of luck when landing fish over 6kg (80cm) on this rig. The Certate is something else… Precise, immaculate, unbelievable performance.

This outfit is one of Sam’s personal favourites! He often claims it to be the best feeling outfit he’s ever fished with.

Outfit 2: The Daiwa Saltiga 3500 paired with a Silver Fox Custom Built Snapper spin stick 7ft 5-8kg.

Runs 20lb braid and either 20 or 30lb fluorocarbon leader. This is the go to stick as it’s pretty well an all-rounder capable of throwing plastics all day and stopping brutes in shallow country… This outfit has it all!

Outfit 3: The Daiwa Saltiga 4000 paired with the CBB Snapper Slayer 7ft 6-8kg.

Runs 30lb (and sometimes 50lb braid) and 30lb fluorocarbon leader… This outfit has claimed some trophy reds up to 95cm! The Saltiga’s speak for themselves from a performance perspective as they’ve got the cranking power and drag capabilities to turn big fish, whilst having the feel of a high performance fishing reel.

The CBB Snapper Slayer is a freak of a thing… It doesn’t feel special compared to some of the modern sticks you can lay your hands on, but it stops fish! Big fish too!

This outfit comes in handy when the big reds are on the chew or if there are hoodlums amongst your red quarry.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that the outfits described above aren’t for everyone, especially from a budget perspective and by no means do you need a Saltiga to target Snapper… We’ve chased reds for over 15years on SP and have found the above outfits to be the absolute best from a performance and longevity perspective, we did start out with a TSS4 Speedmaster so we came from humble beginnings I guess you could say. Any spin reel in the 3000 to 6000 size range will do the trick so long as the drag system is up to the challenge.

95cm Old Man Snapper Ready for Release.

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